Nora Ephron, a writer for all seasons, dead at 71

June 27, 2012


A few thoughts on the death, last week, of screenwriter, journalist, essayist, film director, and playwright Nora Ephron at age 71. Nora Ephron defied the conventional wisdom that you can only do one thing well in life.

Born into a...

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Up up and away with JICNY

June 14, 2012


Last night I was fortunate to attend the yearly gala for Jewish International Connection New York (JICNY). Founded by Gavin and Jodi Samuels and Steve Eisenberg, the organization holds over 200 free and low-cost events a year and provides a...

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Club icon, man for all seasons, dies

August 6, 2011


The world sparkles a bit less brightly this week with the passing of a true individual. Last Thursday August 4, Walter Monheit, bon vivant and man for all seasons, died. He was 85. Michael Musto of the Village Voice eulogized him this week...

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On 9/11, Remembering Officer Robert Fazio, Shield #667, 13th Precinct, Manhattan

September 11, 2010

As any reporter knows, there exists between the press and government at best uneasy peace, at worst open conflict. This tension is natural, healthy even, because without the press, government is free of scrutiny (and corruption is not far...

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Come Laugh at the New York City Dating Scene

July 14, 2008


For every woman who’s been fixed up once too many with a man who needed fixing, for every man who’s ever been fixed up with a woman in need of a psychiatric evaluation, for everyone who needs a laugh: have I got a treat for you! This...

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African Day Parade Founder Seeks to Unify Compatriots

April 1, 2008

From The New York Daily News


March 5, 2008


“When you look at the news, they don’t talk about different African communities in the U.S. unless something bad happens.”

On the third floor of the Harlem State Office Building, groups of young Africans and...

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Walter Monheit: The Oldest Club Kid

March 11, 2008

From The New York Sun


July 23-25, 2004


On the New York City nightclub scene, Walter Monheit is a fixture, an icon even.

Since the days of ballroom dancing clubs in the 1950’s, this now-78-year-old man has been clubbing two to three nights per week from around...

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Is This a Great Town or What?

December 19, 2007

Why do I doubt that this story in which a Muslim risked his safety for Jews could have taken place in Paris?

Of course, it is a remarkable story and is therefore unlikely to have taken place anywhere. But what I mean is, it is extremely difficult...

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‘I Don’t Know What I Can Give This City, But I’ll Do My Best’

October 3, 2007

From The New York Daily News


October 3rd 2007


It’s Wednesday afternoon, and Shadin Hossain is surrounded by people. A friend named Joe runs in to ask if anyone wants coffee.

Alam, Hossain’s brother and his co-manager of Galleria – an art and framing store in...

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Living a Dream – Literally

June 12, 2007

From The New York Daily News


Tuesday, June 12th 2007

Rev. Paul Vincent's dreams of a new life in New York have become a reality.

One night in 1995, the Rev. Paul Vincent dreamed his future. Then an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, he saw himself arriving at Kennedy Airport and meeting a woman he had not seen in some...

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