The Eloquent Words of a Hindu Israel-Supporter

January 7, 2009

Yesterday about 800 people gathered outside the Israeli consulate to support Israel.  Among those I met was Mr. Gaurang G. Vaishnav, executive vice president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, or World Hindu Council of America. He was...

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It’s Not U.S. Foreign Policy, Folks, They Just Hate Us

November 28, 2008

Today brought the terrible news that among the 195 killed and 295 wounded in terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, five Americans were murdered, including two Chabad rabbis and one of their wives, and a man from Virginia and his 13-year-old...

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Mumbai Attacks No Acts of “Desperation”

November 27, 2008

First, on this Thanksgiving Day, my thoughts and prayers are with Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka Holzberg and their son, who were held hostage by Islamist terrorists in this morning’s attacks in Mumbai, India,...

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Why Sarah Palin Ought to be a Feminist Heroine

October 27, 2008

An interesting element of liberals’ and the mainstream media’s reactions to Sarah Palin is the way they attack her for the very things–such as balancing a high-powered career and her obligations as a mother, daughter, and...

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Phenomenal Woman! And Man!

September 4, 2008


As anyone who saw it knows by now, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention tonight was electrifying, eloquent, and appropriately tough.

At long last, someone had the guts to drop the...

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Her Competence and Integrity are What Count, but Governor Palin Should Update Her Look, Too

August 30, 2008


In complaining that Senator John McCain is making a cynical choice to appeal to women and Evangelical voters in choosing as his running mate Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, critics are saying a great deal more about themselves than about...

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Don Quixote Comes to Israel

July 25, 2008

From The Jerusalem Post Magazine



It is fitting Daniel Lubetzky would grow up to be an entrepreneur who tries to bring peace to the Middle East. He recalls how, one summer when he was 12 and working for a textile wholesaler in Mexico City, he overheard people on the...

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Chatting With Hank Sheinkopf at Broadway and 98th

March 9, 2008

Tonight on the Upper West Side, while waiting for traffic to pass before crossing the street, I spotted Hank Sheinkopf, a regular commentator on CNN and other networks. He was so nice I was momentarily nostalgic for my firmly Democratic days...

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The Cyber-smear Backfires … but What About Legitimate Questions?

February 27, 2008

Following the appearance yesterday on the Drudge Report of a photograph of Barack Obama in traditional Somali dress (some lame brained attempt, it would appear, to smear him by associating him with things Muslim), Obama seems to have...

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Michelle Obama’s Got Nerve

February 22, 2008

…in both the positive and negative sense. On the one hand, she’s no Stepford Wife (one thinks of Ann Romney. The only words I heard out of that woman’s mouth during her months with Mitt on the campaign trail were the strikingly original,...

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