MSM Dumps its Sweetheart

February 14, 2008

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it appears Barack Obama has replaced Senator John McCain as the darling of the MSM. My friend Rick recently directed me to the February 11 edition of Newsweek, which features a big story on McCain’s...

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They All Follow the Crowd, Man

January 30, 2008

Okay, so Rudy came in third in the Florida Republican primary. And McCain, who won, is a good guy. And Rudy chose to opt out of competing seriously in the early primaries like Iowa and New Hampshire – his decision, and obviously a bad one. But...

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Remember the Circus, and Support Giuliani in Florida and Beyond

January 26, 2008

From The Jewish World Review


Ah, 1995, when terrorists were statesmen and Rudy Giuliani, in the words of Ed Koch, had “behavioral problems dealing with other people.”

I refer to that glorious time following Yasser Arafat’s receipt of the Nobel Peace...

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Rudy Giuliani Makes Strong Showing in Tonight’s Florida Republican Debate

January 25, 2008

Maybe I’m thinking with my heart, but I believe the polls will get it at least somewhat wrong in Florida. Especially after Rudy Giuliani’s strong showing in tonight’s Republican debate in Boca Raton.

A few...

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The Only Violence Hollywood Won’t Show is the U.S. Getting the Bad Guys

January 23, 2008

Tonight Dennis Miller appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, discussing Oscar-nominated movies. Although he ribbed (pun intended) Keira Knightly of Atonement for her svelte figure (beats me how he could, she is so heartbreakingly beautiful),...

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Timing for Maximum Impact: Insurgents Make Sure to Hit When Cameras Roll

December 19, 2007

From The Los Angeles Daily News


October 30, 2005

What better way for terrorist insurgents in Iraq to make headlines in the U.S. during a heavy news cycle than to attack journalists?

Monday’s three-stage attack on a hotel compound housing Western media in Baghdad was the latest...

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Cyber Bullies

November 27, 2007

Just saw a disturbing story on CNN about a 13-year-old girl, Megan Meier, who killed herself after enduring vicious cyber-harassment. The kicker is, her tormentor was a grown woman – the mother of another girl in her...

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Muslim Freedom Fighter

November 21, 2007

In late October, I had the privilege of spending the day with Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, a courageous Bangladeshi journalist. In 2003, the Bangladeshi government arrested Mr. Choudhury. He was beaten, tortured, starved, and deprived of...

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Maybe Borat Should Interview Christiane

November 7, 2007

Last month in The Jerusalem Post, Jay Tcath, executive director of the Chicago Jewish Community Relations Council, described how he was manipulated into participating in Christiane Amanpour’s “God’s Warriors,” a documentary...

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Stern Warning

October 18, 2007

In June, I wrote a story for the New York Sun of which I am particularly proud. I covered a talk by Dr. Jessica Stern, a Harvard terrorism expert, at a conference of the EastWest Institute, a Manhattan think tank. The subject of the lecture...

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