Go, Dr. Carson!

November 10, 2015

by Heather Robinson

A few quick thoughts in advance of this evening’s Republican debate.

The focus will be on economics, as Fox Business Network is moderating.

It has been downright disturbing – and interesting – to witness the media’s...

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Debate looked like a draw, Jerry Springer style

October 17, 2012


If debates mean anything, the one on October 3rd gave Americans a close look at Mitt Romney, and they concluded he was not as unlikable as the pundits keep telling them he is.

Last night, October 16th, both Governor Romney and...

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Just in time for Halloween, Obama and Romney afraid of … Candy?

October 15, 2012


Just in time for Halloween … Romney and Obama are afraid of … Candy Crowley?

Obama and Romney are apparently objecting to CNN’s Crowley, who is set to moderate Tuesday evening’s presidential debate. They are...

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Presidential Debate: The Prince and the Fighter

October 4, 2012

From The Algemeiner



A few quick thoughts about Wednesday’s Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Romney has been fighting to be President of the United States for eight long years. He was not anointed by his party; his competitors...

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Andrew Breitbart, Rest in (Big) Peace

March 1, 2012


Saddened to hear about the death today of conservative editor and blogger Andrew Breitbart at just 43. Terrible how men, even young men, can go suddenly and unexpectedly due to heart trouble, but they sometimes do.

A gutsy intellectual warrior...

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UC Davis police pepper spray incident an embarrassment and sad day for freedom of assembly in America

November 22, 2011

Last Friday was a sad day for freedom of assembly and freedom of speech in America.

The pepper-spraying of a group of nonviolent student demonstrators at UC Davis on Friday appears to have been an example of excessive and unimaginative police...

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South Sudan President says new nation will place its embassy in Jerusalem

September 12, 2011


The Sudan Tribune recently reported that Salva Kiir Mayardit, the president of the newly formed nation of South Sudan, told visiting Knesset member Danny Danon that the future South Sudanese embassy in Israel will built in Jerusalem. He also...

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Case highlights value of free speech, and its down side

July 13, 2011

From The Jewish Standard


In the wake of Tuesday’s verdict acquitting Florida mother Casey Anthony of murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008, Cheney Mason, one of Anthony’s attorneys, criticized TV pundits for excessive coverage of...

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A conversation with Alex Grobman: Evangelical publishing house aims to foster Israel support

June 30, 2011

From The Jewish Standard


Balfour Books, a division of ICON Publishing, was established in 2003 “to educate Christians about what is going on in the Middle East,” and specifically about Israel, according to its publisher, Jim Fletcher. The Evangelical Christian...

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Sean Hannity gets it

June 2, 2011


I saw a great exchange last week on FOX News’ “Hannity’s America ” between journalists Sean Hannity and Juan Williams. They were discussing the flap following President Obama’s remarks that as part of any...

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