Go, Dr. Carson!

by Heather Robinson

A few quick thoughts in advance of this evening’s Republican debate.

The focus will be on economics, as Fox Business Network is moderating.

It has been downright disturbing – and interesting – to witness the media’s treatment of Dr. Ben Carson over the past couple of weeks. I have avoided writing much about it because I have so little regard for the so-called “investigation” into Ben Carson’s past, which is in and of itself absurd. Think about it: the media, with nothing negative to report about this remarkable man, has set its sights on trying to disprove that he did bad things he admits he did. Oh, and these bad acts that the media claims he didn’t do? They took place – or didn’t take place exactly as recalled? – when he was literally a child.

I could go into the illogic of the various media efforts to smear him, and in a future post, I might.

But for now I’d like to say, if ever there was a case of a desperate attempt to smear a worthy, accomplished, exemplary individual, this is it.

There is nothing left-wing ideologues hate worse than a successful minority or female conservative. In his very accomplishments, Dr. Carson has overcome not just racism and disadvantage, but also the unproductive victim mentality that holds back many people. For that reason, many forces and individuals in this society – which in recent decades has increasingly encouraged a victim mentality in all of us, pretty much – are seeking to hold back this positive thinking, proactive, admirable man. Because he seeks to build rather than lick his wounds, they hate him. Because he’d rather set his focus on what he can do rather than what he’s been denied and the way others have wronged him, he is despised by some.

I say, go Ben Carson!!!