Sean Hannity gets it


I saw a great exchange last week on FOX News’ “Hannity’s America ” between journalists Sean Hannity and Juan Williams. They were discussing the flap following President Obama’s remarks that as part of any peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel would need to return to the pre-1967 borders “with mutually agreed land-swaps.”

Although I find their perspectives worthwhile, I am generally more a Juan Williams than Sean fan. But in this exchange regarding Israel, I was struck by the intensity and conviction Hannity displayed in standing up for the rights of Israelis to defend themselves and his insistence on a logical approach. The conversation lasted well past the point that the “cue commercial music” came on and at one point, Hannity said something to the effect that, now that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have formed a unity government, asking Israelis to negotiate with that government would be akin to asking Americans to negotiate with a government aligned with al Qaeda.

Hannity asked Williams, “Would you negotiate with al Qaeda?” to which Williams’ short answer (before he lapsed into rhetoric about the “peace process”) was “of course not.”

Match point, Hannity, and thanks for cutting to the heart of the absurdity, unfairness, and dangerous illogic of pressing Israelis to negotiate with murderous enemies.

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