Chatting With Hank Sheinkopf at Broadway and 98th

Tonight on the Upper West Side, while waiting for traffic to pass before crossing the street, I spotted Hank Sheinkopf, a regular commentator on CNN and other networks. He was so nice I was momentarily nostalgic for my firmly Democratic days (I’m now an independent). Anyway, I asked Hank who he thought would pull out the nomination, Hillary or Barack.

“Hillary will do it,” he said. “She’ll find a way.”

I said something about how Obama is giving her a real contest, and Sheinkopf volunteered, “I think it’s due in part to sexism. It demonstrates we’ve broken the barriers around race but not sex.” He added something about how, unfortunately, women aren’t accorded the same credibility as men and have to struggle harder to prove they can do the job.

I’d flatter myself that he was sweet-talking me, who on the UWS, New Yorker mag in hand, probably looked like a liberal Jewish chick. But then he turned and introduced me to his beautiful family and said he’d just shared the same perspective on CNN.

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1 response to Chatting With Hank Sheinkopf at Broadway and 98th
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    Hank Sheinkopf

    March 10, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    how nice to have met you. and how kind of you to say such nice things about my family. sorry my son issac was not with us at the time we met. all best wishes. sheinkopf