Hypocrisy and Cruelty Towards Sarah Palin and Her Family

July 5, 2009

As we bid the fireworks goodbye, I wanted to quickly blog something I feel guilty for not writing about sooner: the cruelty and viciousness of many in the media towards Sarah Palin and her family.

The media and blogosphere are exploding...

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Monday Was the Day to Celebrate and Honor a Hero. As to Our New President, Let Us Hope

January 20, 2009


Not to take anything away from our new President. But the remarks of a friend yesterday got me thinking. I asked this friend if he, as an African-American (in his case he was born in Africa and is now a U.S. citizen) felt moved by the...

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An International Businessman’s Perspective on the Popular Mr. Obama

December 25, 2008

Just had an interesting conversation with an international businessman about our President-elect.

Adam Ginsberg, author of “How to Buy, Sell and Profit on E-Bay,” conducts training seminars and sells software that helps people to...

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Let’s Give Our New President-to-be a Chance, and Hope That Yes He Can

November 5, 2008

If there’s one thing that makes me optimistic about our new President-elect, it is this: clearly Barack Obama is no loser.

The first black President of the Harvard Law Review, his rise to national prominence has been swift: three terms in...

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Those on the Front Lines Prefer McCain – and Here’s Why

October 31, 2008

With days to go till the election, it would be wise for patriotic and pro-Israel American voters to keep in mind that Americans-in-Israel prefer John McCain to Barack Obama by a margin of three-to-one. Israelis, too, would rather see McCain...

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Why Sarah Palin Ought to be a Feminist Heroine

October 27, 2008

An interesting element of liberals’ and the mainstream media’s reactions to Sarah Palin is the way they attack her for the very things–such as balancing a high-powered career and her obligations as a mother, daughter, and...

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Reconsidering Jesse Jackson’s Words Regarding Obama and Israel

October 17, 2008

Rereading Amir Taheri’s interview of Jesse Jackson that ran in Tuesday’s New York Post, I realize I may have fallen into a trap.

Yesterday I noted here on my blog that, while Jackson is not an official spokesperson for the Obama campaign, his...

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Patriotic Americans, Supporters of Israel, and of Peace Through Strength Should Not Kid Ourselves That Obama’s Brand of Change Will Be Good

October 15, 2008

Granted, Jesse Jackson is not an official spokesman for the Obama campaign. But I don’t hear Obama repudiating the alarming statements Jackson has made in recent days concerning Barack Obama’s plans for U.S. foreign policy generally,...

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The “Let Me Have a Little Peace” Phenomenon

October 8, 2008

After tonight’s Presidential debate I called up my friend Thinking Man to get his take. Thinking Man is my E.F. Hutton, and given his extremely prescient advice to me in June, I am more inclined than ever to listen.

He didn’t make any...

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Walk With Kings, Nor Lose the Common Touch

September 27, 2008


Last night’s McCain/Obama debate was pretty much a draw, suspending any partisan sentiment. Obama was strong out of the starting gate; He is certainly smooth, and he knows how to play on people’s concerns on the sensitive economic front....

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