An Issue for Obama?

December 5, 2007

Here’s an issue for Barack Obama, or any presidential candidate who is sincere about both fighting terrorism and championing human rights: condemning the recruitment of children to become suicide bombers. Today in her talk to U.S....

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Rudy Giuliani: Cure for Commitment Phobia?

November 29, 2007

In answer to a question about whom she supports for the Republican nomination, Rep. Mary Fallin (R-Oklahoma), speaking on the West Side Wednesday evening to the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), pointed out that when it comes to...

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McCain in Manhattan This Morning: Defeatism Will Not Buy Peace in Our Time

September 27, 2007

Just returned from a Hudson Institute briefing at The Four Seasons restaurant this morning given by John McCain. He seems a little tired, and who can blame him? The man is 71, has survived torture at the hands of the Viet Cong and, worse...

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Rudy Gets a Discount

September 14, 2007

You gotta love Rudy Giuliani’s healthy chutzpah. Irked that The New York Times not only published Moveon.org’s full-page ad smearing Gen. David Petraeus, but gave them a steep discount, Rudy’s campaign placed an ad in...

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Fred Thompson: the Gen-X Republican

September 7, 2007

Fred Thompson, formerly Watergate prosecutor, lobbyist, actor, and U.S. Senator from Tennessee, announced his candidacy for President of the United States Wednesday evening on Jay Leno’s show. This guy reminds me of my friends and me....

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She Devil?

August 20, 2007

Is Ann Coulter the Devil Incarnate? According to John Edwards, she is a “She-Devil.” Are we to assume that if Mr. Edwards is elected President we can look forward to witch trials at which he will burn his opponents at the stake? The...

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