She Devil?

Is Ann Coulter the Devil Incarnate? According to John Edwards, she is a “She-Devil.” Are we to assume that if Mr. Edwards is elected President we can look forward to witch trials at which he will burn his opponents at the stake? The irony is that he demonizes Coulter in the same breath as he vilifies her for using “hateful language.”


Still, it’s pretty funny. What’s not so funny is that Mr. Edwards led the boycott of this spring’s democratic debate on FOX News. Is it me, or is there a common element of hysteria underlying these two Edwards stories? When the demonizing extends not only to individual pundits/entertainers (such as Coulter, who did after all call poor Edwards a “faggot,” which was over-the-top), but to sources of information/opinion with which “liberals” like Mr. Edwards disagree, what happens to liberal thought and healthy exhange of ideas?

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