How 2015 Debunked the ‘War on Women’

December 31, 2015

by Heather Robinson


From The New York Post


Considering all we’ve heard about the supposed “war on women,” you might be surprised to hear that 2015 was a great year for the fairer sex in America. And 2016 will probably be, too.

Despite ubiquitous political...

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CNN and FOX post-debate analyses miss night’s biggest news

December 16, 2015

by Heather Robinson

In the wake of Tuesday’s Republican Presidential candidates’ debate, the astonishing phenomenon continues to be Donald Trump. Big news that seemed to get overlooked in post-debate wrap-ups was Trump saying he is ready to rule out...

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Southern Sudanese Women Call for Peace

November 12, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Update: This week, South Sudan’s government said it will host former South Sudanese Vice President Riek Machar at a regional peace conference to take place in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, November 19th.

South Sudan, the world’s...

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Go, Dr. Carson!

November 10, 2015

by Heather Robinson

A few quick thoughts in advance of this evening’s Republican debate.

The focus will be on economics, as Fox Business Network is moderating.

It has been downright disturbing – and interesting – to witness the media’s...

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Dating and Politics — A Perilous Mix

November 6, 2015

by Heather Robinson


From New York Post


Do political opposites attract?

Or is there a red America and a blue America when it comes to love — especially heading into a presidential election year?

Most of the two dozen New York City singles interviewed for this...

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Easily Manipulated People

October 21, 2015

by Heather Robinson

With the recent news from Israel, I can’t help but think about how easily manipulated some Palestinians are. And they’re not the only ones.

Most Palestinians are indoctrinated from childhood to hate Israelis and all Jews,...

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South Sudanese Women’s Plea to Sudan’s Leaders: Stop the Violence

October 5, 2015

by Heather Robinson

When the Elephant Fights, the Grass is the One That Suffers: South Sudanese Women Plead for Leaders to Stop the Carnage

Last Saturday Riek Machar, South Sudan’s former vice president, addressed a group of South Sudanese-Americans at...

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Against the Will of the People

September 11, 2015

by Heather Robinson

It looks as if President Obama, and the Democrats he has pressured into going along with it, are likely to override the will of the American people and push through Congress a deal with the Iranian regime, arguably this country’s worst...

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Will Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush Put The Donald in his Place?

September 1, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Today brings the news that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has finally taken a swing back at Donald Trump for the various insults Trump has thrown his way, including referring to him as “low energy.” Bush shot back this week with a...

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Activist Returns From Addis in Wake of Obama’s Visit

August 19, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.50.15 PM

From The Huffington Post


Sudanese-American human rights activist Simon Deng traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on August 11th to be a “voice of peace” as Southern Sudanese leaders faced President Obama’s August 17th...

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