Against the Will of the People

by Heather Robinson

It looks as if President Obama, and the Democrats he has pressured into going along with it, are likely to override the will of the American people and push through Congress a deal with the Iranian regime, arguably this country’s worst enemy since Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime.

As an American and a Jew, I feel shame that the U.S. is embarked on this folly, and a personal sense of not having done enough to try and stop what may be a catastrophic decision with terrible ramifications for future generations. My understanding is this deal, which accomplishes nothing concrete to permanently contain a murderous regime from acquiring nuclear capability, will definitely strengthen that regime’s hand in the Mideast and across the world. In one fell swoop, this U.S. President has undermined decades of hard-won international cooperation on tough sanctions that had significantly weakened a murderous regime.

International cooperation and peaceful means of containing murderers is being undone by a naive, legacy-hungry President. And all in the name of diplomacy.

Some things you just need an Ivy League education and a colossal ego to talk yourself into believing, such as the idea that it makes sense to unfreeze $150 billion to a regime that continues to incite its people to chant “Death to America” even as the ink on the agreement is drying. (Interesting that a quick search for articles about Iran’s regime, including some of its top leaders, chanting “Death to America” and full of menace and vitriol, yields only conservative sources. It reminds me a bit of the Oslo years in which the mainstream media, including The New York Times, buried stories about Arafat inciting the Palestinians to hatred).

Make no mistake: this deal is being struck against the will of the American people.

More to come.