Revolutionary Guard in Charge of Puppet A-jad; Alusi Prescient (Again) & Christians Emancipate Themselves


Wikileaks has reported that an officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard slapped Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across the face recently when Ahmadinejad suggested Tehran ease up on the brutal repression of the press and ordinary citizens in Iran.

This report jibes perfectly with what  former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi, a champion of human rights and fearless truth-teller, has told me since 2009, when he explained that Ahmadinejad is a figurehead.

Tehran’s extremism is no less fearsome for not necessarily being the sick vision of one individual. In fact, according to Alusi and other sources, Ahmadinejad gets his marching orders from a fanatical band of militarists known as the Revolutionary Guard. Some analysts have compared this group to Hitler’s SS. Who is actually driving the machine is unclear. Let’s hope the people who need to know, do know. What the Wikileaks report confirms is that A-jad is a puppet, NOT that Tehran is anything less than a malignant, imminent threat.

In 2009, I reported for The Jerusalem Post Alusi’s prediction that Iran would have a nuclear weapon by now. While that, (hopefully), was not accurate, no doubt Tehran is well on its way. And Alusi’s dire warning remains all the more concerning given how accurate he has been in other particulars. Regarding Ahmadinejad, here is what he told me in 2009:

One of the main obstacles to effective negotiations … is that the power centers in Iran are not accessible or interested in negotiating. “[At this point], no [individual] Iranian can stop it, not even [President] Ahmadinejad can,” [Alusi] said. “If they give the order [to stop the nuclear program,] they will be killed… The Revolutionary Guard are driving security.”

So again, Wikileaks reinforces that Alusi is a worthwhile source about what is happening behind-the-scenes in Iran. Another reality that Alusi has spoken of for several years and that Wikileaks has confirmed is that the Arab Gulf States fear Iran greatly, and their leaders want to see Tehran disarmed.

In other concerning mideast news, Christians were slaughtered en masse in front of a Coptic Christian church in Cairo on New Years’ Day. Although the sensational nature of the bombing, which killed 21 and wounded 80, captured headlines, Christians are routinely the victims of aggression by Muslim extremists throughout the mideast, in areas such as the West Bank, including Bethlehem (birthplace of Jesus), Lebanon, Iraq, and Sudan, to name just a few spots. I’ll never forget a conversation I had years ago with independent Palestinian journalist Khalid Abu Tomaeh, who explained that, in the Palestinian territories, extremists consider Christians easy prey. I didn’t take notes during the conversation, which took place at a social gathering around 2004/05, but I remember him telling me (here I paraphrase) that if, for instance, a Christian girl is raped in the Palestinian territories by someone with ties to a militant Islamist organization like Hamas, no one dares to do anything, because the Christians live at the mercy of the Muslim extremists in the Palestinian territories.

These realities underscore the importance of strong support for Christians who are coming to their own defense in the mideast and Africa, as is the case in Southern Sudan. Set to become the world’s newest country, Southern Sudan may be ushered into existence at the end of this week, on January 9th, when the people of the mostly-Christian South will have an opportunity to vote for independence as part of a 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement drafted by the Bush Administration.

The people of The United States should make clear our support for this emerging democracy and applaud the self-reliance of the country’s Christians in standing up for themselves. Those who preach peace-at-any-price take note: Like Christians throughout the mideast, the South Sudanese received no discernible defense from the outside world – including the United Nations – and instead have been slaughtered by the millions for decades. Because Christians have not generally been been a chic cause for the international human rights community or the media, there has been extremely little attention to their plight. Those whose reflex is to demonize all military assistance take note: the fact that these people have received no significant military assistance is probably part of the reason they died in such staggering numbers since the 1950’s. But they are working to save themselves. Godspeed!

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