Remaining 500 South Sudanese Christians in Israel deserve humane treatment

August 2, 2012


This summer Israel’s government has initiated a policy of deporting South Sudanese Christians to the newly declared nation of South Sudan.

Human rights groups and others have criticized Israel’s government for its handling of the...

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Israel and Jews Worldwide Should Support an Independent South Sudan

February 5, 2011

From The Jewish Standard


This week all eyes are on Egypt. It is uncertain who will succeed President Hosni Mubarak and what kind of government will be in power. But we should not miss other important developments. In a world where so few can truly be considered...

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Racial Component of Conflict in Sudan: “To Them, a Black Person … is an ‘Abid,’ which is a Slave”; Boston Jewish Columnist on the Ground to Free Slaves

January 10, 2011

Fighting in Southern Sudan’s disputed Abyei region claimed the lives of more than 30 people over the weekend, but voting that will allow the country’s Southerners – mostly Christians and animists, or practitioners of native...

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Americans Should Support Today’s Referendum – and Democracy in South Sudan

January 9, 2011


Today, Sunday January 9th, the people of Southern Sudan will have the chance to vote for independence. Americans of all persuasions should support the democratic process of this long-anticipated vote.

The product of a 2005 Comprehensive...

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Revolutionary Guard in Charge of Puppet A-jad; Alusi Prescient (Again) & Christians Emancipate Themselves

January 3, 2011


Wikileaks has reported that an officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard slapped Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across the face recently when Ahmadinejad suggested Tehran ease up on the brutal repression of the press...

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George Clooney Launches Satellite Project to Protect People as Sudan Heads into January 9th Referendum

December 31, 2010


Actor George Clooney has been making himself useful lately.

All too often, celebrities sound off about issues they know little about, and impressionable people are inclined to ascribe to them greater understanding than they usually...

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Countdown to Jubilation in Juba

December 27, 2010


As the January 9 referendum approaches in Sudan, granting that country’s Southerners the chance to vote for independence and to become the world’s newest nation, signs are mixed. On the one hand, indicted war criminal Omar...

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Sudan’s President Warns Against Secession

December 20, 2010

Ominous indicators out of Khartoum today as the country’s president, an indicted war criminal, warned that should Southerners vote for secession in January 9th’s long-awaited referendum, those Southerners...

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Obama Takes the Opportunity of Welcoming India to Stress Need for United Front on Sudan

December 15, 2010


Looks like President Obama may have taken to heart some of the criticism he has received for putting Sudan on the back burner. In the opinion piece I’ve linked to in the previous sentence, veteran human rights reporter and columnist...

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Escaped Slave Warned U.S. Re: bin Laden in the 90’s; Now Warns of South Sudan “Ticking Time Bomb”

November 22, 2010


Thanksgiving Day update: Disappointing news from Washington D.C., as Simon Deng received an update that the Sudan Peace and Stability Act, sponsored by Senator John Kerry, is “on hold.”¬†Kerry’s office did not share the...

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