Obama Takes the Opportunity of Welcoming India to Stress Need for United Front on Sudan


Looks like President Obama may have taken to heart some of the criticism he has received for putting Sudan on the back burner. In the opinion piece I’ve linked to in the previous sentence, veteran human rights reporter and columnist Nicholas Kristof, no fan of former President George W. Bush, noted over the summer that President Bush did a better job than President Obama was doing on Sudan.

Coming from the New York Times, that had to sting.

In a meeting this week with United Nations Security Council envoys, the President welcomed India as a non-permanent member of the Council. He also took the opportunity to emphasize Sudan, where the mostly Christian South will have the opportunity, under a Comprehensive Peace Agreement drafted by the Bush Administration in 2005, to vote next month for secession from the hard-line Muslim government of the North.

President Obama appears to be marshaling some of his considerable diplomatic skills to encourage the U.N. Security Council to present a united front in calling for all parties to uphold the result of the vote in January – without violence.

As the January 9th referendum approaches, Americans should encourage Mr. Obama to sustain this responsible and proactive leadership.

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