Alusi After Paris: Biden was Right

November 21, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Following last week’s ISIS attacks on Paris that left 130 dead and 352 injured, I spoke by phone with Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi, who suggested that Vice President Joe Biden last month revealed something important...

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Dark day for Israel and the world?

July 14, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Today negotiators reached a much-anticipated deal aimed at reining in Iran’s nuclear program.

This agreement, the result of two years of negotiations on the part of the U.S. and others in the international community, allows Iran to...

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With Rowhani’s election, Alusi warns West: do not backslide on Iran

June 16, 2013


“We have the right to optimistic, but nobody should be naive,” said former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi today via phone from Iraq concerning Friday’s election of Hassan Rowhani as President of Iran.

The election of Rowhani,...

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Heckler makes some points, as does Walter Russell Mead

February 28, 2013

Last night at Committee for Accuracy in Mideast Reporting (CAMERA)’s talk at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y featuring Prof. Walter Russell Mead and Warren Kozac, journalist, called, “Political Earthquake in the Middle East: Are There...

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Alusi on Hagel: ‘This is not a minister of defense, it’s a minister of chaos’

January 18, 2013

Spoke today with former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi. Alusi, who has championed counterterrorism cooperation and normalized relations between Iraq and Israel and lost his two sons as a result, is dismayed by what he sees as President...

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History repeats itself with Obama’s refusal to meet Bibi; debate tonight

October 22, 2012


While surfing online to find information for an editorial I’m working on, I came across this clip and description of the historic “Rabbis’ March on Washington. It was a demonstration that took place on on October 6, 1943, in...

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Bibi draws a red line; recalls JFK backbone in Cuban missile crisis

September 29, 2012


In his speech before the U.N. General Assembly last Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called upon the United States and other world powers to draw a red line beyond which Tehran’s leaders will not be allowed to advance...

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Iran sends troops into Syria; Dems convene in Charlotte

September 5, 2012

Tonight, the second night of the Democratic National Convention, it will be interesting to hear what if any discussion there is of America’s role as leader of the world in protecting human rights. I will be listening for any...

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Alusi calls on Obama to introduce U.N. resolution demanding Syria give control of WMD to international community

August 21, 2012

Today President Obama warned Syrian dictator Bashir Assad that “use or deployment of … weapons of mass destruction” would be crossing a “red line,” that would prompt U.S. intervention. In a phone ...

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New York Times reports Iran has infiltrated Iraq’s banks; Alusi told me this months ago

August 20, 2012

Too bad The New York Times doesn’t take more freelance pieces on the middle east, because it could have had the essence of this story several months ago.

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