Netanyahu on Holocaust Remembrance Day: Fight Evil

April 12, 2010


Last Sunday in his speech on Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the point that he believes the lessons of the Holocaust are three: “fortify your strength, teach good...

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Ahmadinejad Races Toward Nuclear Capability; Alusi Postulates “D.C. is Coming Closer to Iran”

April 9, 2010

Looks like even the U.S. State Department is saying that clearly, Iran’s nuclear enrichment effort is weapons related. At a recent event in Tehran, Ahmadinejad showcased what he said was a new generation of domestically-built...

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President Obama’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons + Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Return = Carter Administration Redux

April 9, 2010

During the run-up to the 2008 election, one of the most disturbing and ominous indicators for those of us who care about Israel’s security was a statement made by an advisor to President Obama’s campaign named Zbigniew...

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Biden’s Embarrassment and Hillary’s Rage: Part of a Staged Effort to Push Israel Away?

March 18, 2010

Is it just me, or does anyone else think last week’s drama surrounding Vice President Joe Biden’s supposed “embarrassment” and Hillary Clinton’s rage over an Israeli decision to build 1600 apartments in East...

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O’Reilly Raises an Interesting Point Re: “Socialist” Obama

February 23, 2010


Tonight on the Factor, Bill O’Reilly put forward an interesting, sobering argument regarding the classification of President Obama as a socialist by some conservatives.

“When you have a country starting to...

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As IAEA Acknowledges More ‘Undisclosed Activities’ in Iran re: Nukes, Alusi Seems to Have Been Prescient

February 19, 2010


Today it was reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) acknowledges “the existence in Iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.”...

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Sister of Human Rights Attorney Detained During Week That Iranian Mullahs Kill 12

December 31, 2009


During this week of uprising that left 12 pro-democracy protestors dead in Iran, the sister of Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, a human rights attorney and activist, was detained by the Iranian government because of her sister’s human...

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Maverick Iraqi Politician Claims Iran Could Go Nuclear Within Weeks

December 27, 2009

From The Jerusalem Post



Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi is warning that Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US State Department, believe. In fact, he predicts the Iranians...

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Ahmadinejad Mocks President Obama as Iran Steps up Aggression

December 24, 2009

During the Bush years, some thought the main obstacle to successfully negotiating with Iran was President Bush. In fact, Bush was condemned by some for his unwillingness to engage Iranian leaders.

Fastforward a year. President Obama...

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Iraqi Parliamentarian Warns, Obama’s Vision to Become ‘A Joke and a Tragedy’ if Iran Gets the Bomb

December 17, 2009


Distressing news out of Iran yesterday as that nation’s theocratic leaders continue to defy the international community by testing a long-range missile that could reach Europe or Israel.

In a number of interviews I have...

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