Ahmadinejad Races Toward Nuclear Capability; Alusi Postulates “D.C. is Coming Closer to Iran”

Looks like even the U.S. State Department is saying that clearly, Iran’s nuclear enrichment effort is weapons related. At a recent event in Tehran, Ahmadinejad showcased what he said was a new generation of domestically-built centrifuges and declared Iran’s nuclear path is “irreversible.”

Former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi told me last fall that he believed that Iran would be dramatically announcing its possession of a completed nuclear bomb around now. Although that has not transpired, Iran’s leaders have remained belligerent, and seem to be unveiling their nuclear weapons program in stages. They are clearly displaying for the world to see that their nuclear program is for building bombs. Alusi recently told me he believed that the reason Iran has not yet made a declaration of having a completed nuclear bomb is “[Washington] D.C. is coming closer to Iran” and “the price will be paid by Israel and Iraq.” He does not feel, however, that behind-the-scenes deals he believes the Obama Administration is making with Iran will prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon.

He says that he thinks “Israel will have to accept a vision of two states as D.C. wants it,” and said, “If the cost of the deal is Tehran will not have a nuclear bomb, OK. I will say, ‘Obama, you’re the best.'”

He fears, however, that the Obama Administration envisions a scenario in which Iran is allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon if it agrees to provide counter-terrorism cooperation. Such an agreement, Alusi cautions, would likely be a failure.

“[If] in D.C., they believe, ‘Let Iran have [a nuclear weapon], this is like someone playing Russian roulette,” he said. “Sometimes the pistol is empty, sometimes not.”

He emphasized he believes that many of Iran’s leaders actually believe in the prophecy of the Twelfth Imam, and believe that ushering in a nuclear Holocaust would prompt his return.

“It is not a joke [to them]; I believe Ahmadinejad believes it 100 percent,” Alusi said. “They believe, ‘We are doing not what WE have decided, the position is from the Imam. We have Iraqis [who] believe this way, too.”

Thus Alusi cautions that if the Obama Administration is working out some sort of deal with the regime in Tehran on the premise that that regime will operate logically, in self-interest, D.C. is taking an enormous risk.

It is of course impossible to know what is happening behind the scenes. But I see no signs that Tehran is willing to be reasonable. Although they have not announced possession of a nuclear weapon yet, they seem fully committed to attaining nuclear capability soon, as Alusi has predicted right along.  

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