My running commentary on events: local, national, and international. Areas of special interest include Israel, Iraq, and dissidents in the Muslim world.

Got accountability?

May 19, 2013


A few thoughts on the unfolding news regarding Benghazi, the IRS tax scandal, the subpoena of personal and work telephone records for at least 20 of the AP’s reporters and editors, and the seizure of information regarding Fox News...

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Don’t go back, Amanda Knox

May 8, 2013


Just finished watching Chris Cuomo’s interview of Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student who was convicted of the murder of her flatmate and acquitted last year. I’m planning to write a longer piece soon but for...

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Amanda Knox: what happened to me was surreal, but it could have happened to anyone

April 30, 2013


Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student who was tried, found guilty, then acquitted two years ago on appeal in Italy for the murder of her college flatmate Meredith Kercher in 2007 broke her silence in a long awaited interview with...

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Q & A with Georgina Rose, MD

April 22, 2013

From NY Blueprint



Georgina Rose [her pen name], a Manhattan internist, like many pretty, accomplished, charming professional women across the country (and the world), is looking for the right man. After several years of dating “players,” getting fed up,...

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In aftermath of Boston marathon bombing

April 15, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the dead and injured in today’s bombing at the Boston marathon. It is always a dilemma whether to even write about terrorism, given that terrorists’ motives are to utilize media coverage...

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Iraqi ally of Israel’s headquarters attacked last Saturday

April 11, 2013

The headquarters of the Iraqi Nation Party were attacked by a military unit of Iraq’s government over the weekend, according to former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi, who believes that the assault was ordered personally by Iraqi...

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Bread, Wine And Thou

April 8, 2013

From The Jewish Week



She thought she might not be able to overcome her fear of marriage after her parents’ divorce. He feared he wouldn’t meet someone who could understand his “old-world soul” — especially in New York City.

But two years ago, at...

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MatzoBall Founder Launches ‘MatzoBowl’

April 5, 2013

From The Jewish Week



Billed as the world’s biggest “speed bowling” event, 15-city ‘MatzoBowl’ tour kicks off in New York and finishes in Los Angeles.

In 1987, prompted by desire to find the right woman, Andy Rudnick, who worked as a commercial...

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Can We Talk? (But That’s All!)

March 21, 2013

From The Jewish Week


Are Jewish guys more susceptible to the ‘pen pal complex?’

Every so often Jared, whom I met on a trip for Jewish professionals, calls me to chat.

But he never suggests we meet.

Granted, Jared lives in San Diego. But I wonder why he...

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Launched singles/dating/relationship column in The Jewish Week. Here is my maiden effort

March 19, 2013

by Heather Robinson

March 19, 2013: Launched singles/dating/relationship column in The Jewish Week. Click here to read my maiden effort.

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