How U.S. Tax Dollars Enable Ahmadinejad to Practice Press Censorship at the U.N.


The brilliant and intrepid Claudia Rosett, the investigative journalist who exposed the oil for food scandal, has a sharp blog post about a shocking incident that took place at the U.N. last week when Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, kicked out a Jerusalem Post reporter – on U.N. property.

Apparently, Ahmadinejad’s security kicked out Jordana Horn, who was reporting for The Jerusalem Post, from the press conference. And no one batted an eyelash.

That the President of Iran, like many a murderous dictator before him, comes to New York to visit in style, that he is hosted as a dignitary at the United Nations, despite his bestial violations of human rights and human decency, is arguably a scandal in itself. That he comes onto American turf and practices censorship of a reporter for a prominent publication from another member state — on the grounds of the United Nations, which is disproportionately financed by the United States and Israel — is especially galling and unacceptable.

Rosett provides a link on her blog post to an index of member states’ respective financial contributions to the United Nations’ budget. Interesting that, despite the fact that the U.S. pays a disproportionate share of the money that enables Ahmadinejad to spout off at the U.N., he feels he can ban reporters from a conference on U.N. grounds – with impunity.

Where were the reports on CNN and FOX News about this travesty?

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