Seven Peaceful Protestors Killed, 50 Injured in Iran Yesterday as Demonstrations Continue

Demonstrators in Iran today continue to demand a recount of what they charge was a fixed vote that handed Iran’s election to Ahmadinejad. The mullahs have begun drastically restricting press coverage, but citizen journalists in Iran are doing their best to communicate with the outside world, mostly via Twitter.

It is inspiring to see so many pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran. In general, the people of Iran–many of whom are of proud Persian ancestry and culture–are among the most pro-American populations in the middle east. That is one of the many reasons that, contrary to ill informed slander, patriotic Americas who also support Israel would ardently prefer to see the West avoid a war with Iran if possible.

It is intriguing to speculate what the coming days will bring in terms of protest. Brave individuals who stand up for true democracy, human–including women’s and minorities’– rights, religious pluralism, and freedom from tyranny should know Americans are behind them 100 percent.

The West seems to be at a complete impasse in dealing with a regime in Iran that is utterly fanatical, has stated its genocidal intentions, and is committed to attaining nuclear capability. In other words, now is perhaps not the time for cynicism but to actively support any allies we have in that region in bringing down the mullahs.

The hope is that enough people–including in the military–hate the mullahs that they will overthrow the regime.

The mullahs are clamping down on media, so it’s hard to know exactly what is going on there. Interestingly, though, citizen journalists and bloggers among the demonstrators are doing their best to communicate with the free world. You can listen to an interesting, glamorous dissident voice here and Philip Klein at the American Spectator has posted this video of a huge crowd of demonstrators shouting, “Down With Dictator!”

Important to keep lines of communication open to the extent we can.

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