Obama Favors Pre-911 Approach to Fighting Terror

This incisive piece by Philip Klein in this week’s American Spectator online outlines the evidence that Barack Obama considers terrorism a problem for traditional law enforcement, and favors a pre-911 approach to tackling this cancer.

That such an approach was on its face a colossal failure, as evidenced by September 11, seems not to concern Mr. Obama.

On September 11, I sat with my friend Kate, a liberal, as we watched our fellow Americans and other human beings fall to unimaginably horrific deaths. Kate said, “Now I understand why we need a strong national defense.”

Over the past seven years, I’ve seen an erosion of my friends’ post-911 understanding of the evil that is terrorism, and of the danger sown by its apologists and enablers in government, diplomatic circles, and media. Many of them have reverted entirely to their pre-911 mindset. Electing Mr. Obama will, I fear, cement this regression.

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