If Obama Can’t Influence his Pastor, How is He Going to Influence Ahmadinejad?

To my piece than ran in yesterday’s Jewishworldreview.com concerning Senator Barack Obama’s high tolerance for negativity towards the United States, I would like to add one thought. Senator Obama has known Pastor Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. for many years. They have a close personal relationship, and are far from enemies.

Presumably they discuss, or at least have discussed, political issues related to U.S. foreign policy and race relations in America. Has Senator Obama succeeded in moderating Reverend Wright’s views? By all accounts, Obama’s included, Pastor Wright’s rhetoric is more extreme and divisive lately than it has been at any time over the course of his decades-long career. So much for Barack Obama’s powers of persuasion.

If Barack Obama can’t prevent his own pastor from publicly damning America (and sabotaging his parishioner Obama’s campaign in the process), how’s he going to diplomatically influence the likes of Iran’s meglomaniacal Ahmadinejad, and others of the world’s worst human rights violators (North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, and Syria’s Bashar Assad) who he’s pledged to meet with, without preconditions, in the first year of his administration?

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1 response to If Obama Can’t Influence his Pastor, How is He Going to Influence Ahmadinejad?
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    Marylin Pitz

    March 28, 2008 at 12:08 am

    And add to this, Ms. Robinson, that Obama asked us all to judge him not on experience (he has little)---but on "judgement!" Also--how about his "influence" on his wife re her views on America? She informed us that when people turned out to hear her husband was when she "was proud of her country for the first time in her life." Some influence.