Words from a Retired NYC Firefighter: What New York Was Like Pre-Rudy

On September 11, when most of us, including even our President (and I say this not to pick on him, but to acknowledge the reality) were simply shellshocked, Rudy sprang into action, demonstrating courage, competence, and great moral clarity in our defense.

Yesterday I received the following letter from Jim Kearney, a retired New York City firefighter, in response to my column that ran in Jewishworldreview.com on Rudy’s character vis a vis Israel. I have reprinted it below because it says some things that are important to be reminded of. Thank you, Mr. Kearney.

Amen to that Heather!! I also stood up with pride at Rudy’s courage to stand up to this petty terrorist murderer and the UN, Clintonista elites.

I remember the Beame, Koch, and worse…..The Dinkins years of New York.

I remember cops holding banners up at the airport “Welcome to Fear City”

I remember Crown Heights riots where Dinkins said “Let them vent” while Jews, and anyone were being attacked in nothing less than a pogrom.

And how different it was when Rudy was not long in office when the lights went out in Washington Hights. The thugs thought it was another looting, murdering holiday until Guiliani sent in the troops from all over the city to stop them in their stunned tracks. Rudy did all this before 9/11 elicited Churchillian courage that inspired the nation along with my Brother Firemen.

And as a retired NYC Fireman who lost a cousin among many of my brothers and my fellow citizens on 9/11, I know that his courage will be needed again.

I’m an American Irish Catholic who can not understand why all Americans don’t stand up behind him, especially the Jews. He’s be best friend the Jews could ever have. He’s loyal to the end. And he calls it as he sees it whether you like it or not. No fingers up in the air with Rudy.

Jim Kearney FDNY Ret

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