Hillary Earned It, the O-Bomb Just Showed Up

Am I the only non-leftist who’s glad to see Hillary take New Hampshire? It’s not that I give her points for crying, but there was something far-fetched about the media’s anointing of Obama after his win in just one state.

Obama’s a charmer, to be sure, and talks a good moderate game. But his voting record, straight-liberal-down-the-line, shows little independence or sense of nuance about the great issues of our day, including Iraq. As the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto pointed out in his lead item on Monday in Best of the Web Today, at least Hillary has the scruples to spare a thought for the many peaceful Iraqis we’d be throwing to the terrorists with a precipitous withdrawal. Obama, on the other hand, has said that not even potential genocide in Iraq would argue against immediate, total withdrawal.

Whether it’s due to pure political calculation or some heart and sense of responsibility under her armor, Hillary’s positions strike me as more moderate and more reasonable than Obama’s. Also, she answered the appeal of Simon Deng, which I conveyed in one of my Big Town columns for The New York Daily News, to come to the rally he held at the end of his 300 mile walk from the U.N. to the Capitol to protest genocide in Darfur.

While her hard work and experience spiel is getting a bit tired, the reality is Hillary is more experienced than Obama is. And even if she has taken a more moderate tone out of pure calculation, the fact that she recognizes the need for such calculation leads me to suspect she would probably be the lesser of two evils, compared to Obama, as president.

But oy, vey, what a thought…Time to get to my bedtime reading, Rudy Giuliani’s “Leadership.”

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