Top 10 Things Not To Say at a Jewish Young Professionals’ Event

by Heather Robinson


From The New York Blueprint


10. “I’ve never had a real job.”

9. “You look a little like Anthony Weiner, from the waist up.”

8. “Financial security is so overrated, don’tcha think?”

7. “Hillary’s chances in 2016, blah, blah, blah. This is open bar, right?”

6. “You remind me of my ex, but with a Chai instead of a Crucifix.”

5. “Don’t bother taking my number if you don’t like men/women who are smarter than you.”

4. “My major? Psychic phenomena. Your aura is pretty sick, by the way.”

3. (Angling in to block the way) “You’re not going to eat that last piece of salmon sushi?”

2. “Well, if it IS a meat market, you’re kosher prime!”

1. “I’m trying to develop an attraction to Jewish women/men. And you aren’t helping.”

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