Marco Rubio to Senate colleagues: don’t boycott Netanyahu’s speech

by Heather Robinson

Important words this week from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who asks his Senate colleagues not to boycott Netanyahu’s speech before Congress in early March, and who eloquently voices concern in the video below about what message such a boycott would send to America’s allies worldwide, many of whom have their own struggles with terrorism. To excerpt: “I find it quite frankly outrageous that reports are the White House has asked members of Congress to boycott the speech. I find it outrageous that the Vice President of the United States has decided to boycott that speech… Don’t do this to an ally, don’t do this to a nation that is as threatened today as it has been at any time in its existence, don’t do this to a people that are in the crosshairs of multiple terrorist groups that have the capability of attacking them…There is no greater threat to the long-term security of the planet than the Iranian nuclear ambition. No people and no nation on earth know that better than the people of Israel, and no leader on earth understands that better than Prime Minister Netanyahu… If we won’t stand for Israel, who will we stand for?

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