All tied up, with Pennsylvania in play

It’s anyone’s guess who wins the election tomorrow. Personally, I predict it will not be decided tomorrow, as the country is very divided and recent polls suggest a dead heat. We could have a 2000-type toss up with Romney winning the popular vote and Obama the electoral college. The only people hoping for that are the lawyers, though.

Caveat: George Will predicts an overwhelming Romney victory (and Will tends to be very cautious and dispassionate in his calculations, so I take this seriously as an indicator that Romney might win in an upset). Then again, Dick Morris predicts the same. Although Morris is a smart analyst, he’s a lousy predictor, and usually when he predicts something I feel pretty safe expecting the opposite.

My home state of Pennsylvania is in play. Not surprising. In fact, what surprised me four years ago was that so many Pennsylvanians didn’t seem to take exception to being dismissed by the President as a bunch of gun-toting religious fanatics.

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