Greetings from Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates’ forum in DC

This week I’m reporting from Washington D.C. where the Republican Jewish Coalition is hosting its candidates’ forum Wednesday December 7. Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, John Huntsman, and Rick Santorum will all be here.

A few thoughts: although this commentator will attend and listen with an open mind, it seems to me that the Republicans would be wise to choose as their nominee the candidate least likely to alienate independent voters. It is an oft-repeated sentiment that independent voters decide every presidential election, and it’s the truth.

Some conservatives seem to believe that in order to win the Presidency, they need to cleave to their ideology all the more stringently and with more absolutism than ever. That formulation is, in the opinion of this commentator, dead wrong. For one thing, it overestimates the number of hard-core conservatives in this country and underestimates the power of the independent, the “swing” voters in deciding elections.

More to come.

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