Israel Must Not Reject Natural Allies

A must read for all members of the pro-America, pro-Israel, pro-human rights, anti-terror community, this excellent article in this week’s Jerusalem Post magazine highlights the Israeli government’s disordered priorities in possibly rejecting some of Israel’s natural allies: the Christians of Southern Sudan.

The world knows about the people of Darfur as the Muslim victims of genocide perpetrated by the militant Islamist government of Sudan. Fewer are aware that a more widespread genocide was perpetrated by Sudan’s Islamists against Sudan’s Christians, 2 million of whom have been slaughtered by the Khartoum government and its proxies since the 1950’s. In the radical Islamist terror war, this has been, and remains, the African front.

About 2500 Christian refugees of this genocide have found their way to Israel. Recently, I heard some of their heart-wrenching stories.

They have endured unbelievable brutality, the murder of their family members, and in some cases, the slaughter of their entire communities. In a quiet and non-ostentatious way, their words betray a deep and abiding love and respect for Israel as the promised land for the Jewish people. In this regard, they are similar to Evangelical Christians in the U.S.

Recently, the Israeli government deported fifty of these souls back to Egypt, a country where in December, 2005, more than 30 of them were bludgeoned to death in front of the U.N. office in Cairo. The whereabouts of most of the 50 are unknown, but Egypt sent three back to Sudan, where they now sit on death row for the “capital crime” of having “escaped” to Israel.

Presently, the Israeli government is showing preferential treatment to Muslims over Christians, having granted asylum to the approximately 600 Darfuri Muslims who have made their way to the Jewish state, while not ruling on the fate of some 2500 Christian Sudanese refugees. The latter exist in Israel in a state of precariousness and insecurity, terrified they will be deported to untold horrors. I can only believe the overstressed government of Israel must be ignorant about the issue at present and will soon remedy this situation.

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