Zohan to Feature Moishe’s Movers: How About the Princess in the IDF?

Looks like something truly creative is coming down the pike: in this soon-to-be released film, Adam Sandler plays an Israeli counterterrorism agent who comes to New York to do hair. Finally, someone mines the great comic potential of the Israeli-in-America experience.

I’m not sure if we can expect fair depiction of Israelis in this tale of a dude who bags strategy for styling, but it looks like fun. It’s great to see in the trailer that Moishe’s Movers—a New York/Israeli institution—is featured. I’ll be looking for scenes of cute guys living five to an apartment, and playing the “IDF officer card” (This takes place in a dark, crowded bar, the cute Israeli speaking in hushed tones about his daring deeds to a rapt Jewish American Princess).

Next perhaps we’ll have a Private Benjamin-style film about a Jewish American Princess in the IDF? I can just see the wake-up-for reveille scene with the girl murmuring, “Five more minutes…Oh, I’ll take a skim soy latte, decaf, with a Splenda…” and the drill sergeant yanking off the covers and yelling, “Get up! This ees not Manhattan!” Actually, it would probably be more like, “What you are theenking, eh? You want to go to your leetle parties? You theenk terrorism is something you sit around talking about weeth Daniel Pipes at cocktail parties with a glass of white wine in your hand, eh? Thees is the IDF! Thees is where we actually go in and get the terrorists!”

Then the drill sergeant, Golda, could reach under the princess’s bed and start throwing out her nail polish, mascara, and eyeshadow, yelling, “What you are theenking, eh? Thee ees the High Holidays at shul fashion show? Thees is real terror, you understand? Get up!”

From what my sources tell me, the IDF is tough but casual, without a lot of formal rules. I think the Princess could get into that. Plus there’s a lot of exercising. She would emerge in the best shape of her life – every Jewish girl’s dream!

After learning how to fire an Uzzi, interrogate suspected terrorists and endure physical abuse that would make the ACLU squeal if it were being meted out to terrorists, she could share with her Israeli compatriots some lessons on educating the rest of the world about Israel. She could teach them, for instance, to say, “Israelis are people, too” in English, Dutch, German, French and Arabic.

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