The Free World Must Unite to Stop Iran’s Mad Mullahs

Last week brought the revelation that Iran has an additional secret nuclear enrichment facility inside a mountain near the city of Qum in addition to its much larger enrichment complex at Natanz.

There is now zero doubt that Iran, a country that has pledged genocidal threat against Israel, is on the fast track towards attaining nuclear weapons.

It was heartening to see unity among President Obama, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the UK, and French President Nicholas Sarkozy, as well as with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (from off site) in putting the illegitimate leaders of Iran on notice.  Heading into the October 1 meeting between world leaders and Iranian leadership, we Americans must make President Obama aware we are looking to him to demonstrate true leadership in preventing Iran from attaining nuclear capability, even if it means taking decisive action and enduring condemnation for it.

If there is a way to stop Iran’s mad mullahs via sanctions, or through some other means, we must support President Obama in leading the way. Similarly, he must make it clear that a miliary option remains on the table.  And if it comes to that, we must support him.

Many ordinary Iranian citizens want to live in peace, and hate their own mad government. Any action should be undertaken with the greatest concern for the people of Iran, who are innocent civilians and, in many cases, brave individuals who have placed their lives at risk for freedom.  But it seems increasingly clear that any policy which not only leaves the mad mullahs that oppress these people in power, but allows these fanatical “leaders” to cement their hold on power by attaining a nuclear weapon, will be a nightmare scenario not only for Israel, Europe and the U.S. but for these brave people within Iran. To see how dissidents and anyone inclined towards freedom suffers under the yoke of a repressive, nuclear-armed government, look at North Korea, with its kwan li so prison systems.

It may be that, even if military strikes become necessary as a last resort, they will ultimately spare far greater future suffering. They could ultimately be the key to freedom in Iran and the broader Middle East. Americans must rally around our President and let him know we support him in demonstrating the courage to be bold.

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