America and Israel Must Stand Strong – American Christians, Thanks for Having Our Back

June 16, 2010


Just spoke with a Christian friend from Florida. While discussing current news, the conversation turned to Israel, and my friend said something to the effect that, “If the U.S. turns its back on Israel, this country’s best days...

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General Petraeus DID NOT Betray Us

March 25, 2010


Remember the scene from Woody Allen’s film “Annie Hall” in which a pompous know-it-all is pontificating in a movie line about the ideas of media scholar Marshall McLuhan? After enduring the man’s maundering for several...

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Bibi and Hillary Go To Washington: a Report from the AIPAC Policy Conference in D.C.

March 21, 2010

I’m writing from the AIPAC Policy conference, the main yearly conference of the largest lobbying organization supporting the U.S./Israel alliance, where tomorrow evening’s speaker will be Israeli Prime Minister...

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Klein Battles the Left on MsNBC, and Holds Up Mirror to Leftist Hypocrisy

August 9, 2009

On Friday Philip Klein of The American Spectator did a great job of highlighting leftist hypocrisy in his appearance on MSNBC.

Klein was on to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s recent comparison of the Nazi Third Reich eagle logo and the Obama...

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Good Call on Durban II, Mr. President

April 20, 2009


In boycotting the second United Nations Conference Against Racism (dubbed “Durban II”), being held today in Geneva, Switzerland, President Barack Obama has shown leadership in opposing anti-Semitism.

Over the weekend,...

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