Make Way Dr. Laura: Jennifer Ginsberg to Appear as Addiction Expert Tomorrow Eve on Extra

February 24, 2010


My brilliant and beautiful writing partner and friend Jennifer Ginsberg is scheduled to appear tomorrow (Wed. February 24) night on the TV show EXTRA as an addiction expert discussing Charlie Sheen.

In addition to being an author,...

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Bob Trask: an American Thinker

October 28, 2009

Bob Trask is a uniquely American spiritual philosopher and self-help teacher who hails from the Pacific Northwest. For over three decades, he has been spiritual guide, author, and counselor to thousands. In his recently published book,...

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Sudan’s Extermination of Christians: an Interview With Simon Deng

August 31, 2009

From Center For Security Policy



As a child, American human rights activist Simon Deng survived brutal enslavement by Islamists and witnessed their destruction of his village in Sudan.

Today, at 50, Deng is an American citizen and one of the leading advocates for the...

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Simon Deng Speaks Out About Persecution of Sudan’s Christians

August 29, 2009

Today the Center for Security Policy web site features the first segment of my interview with American human rights activist Simon Deng.

While many people are familiar with the fact that Sudan’s Islamist government provided...

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Tonight on Reverend Jeremiah Wright: It Hurt Me Very Much What He Said About America

March 29, 2008

Just returned from an AIPAC Manhattan Club dinner at which Newark Mayor Cory Booker spoke. He told many inspiring stories about his efforts to revitalize Newark and make it safer. Apparently it is the city with the greatest reduction in crime...

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Maybe God Has a Purpose for Me Here

March 22, 2007

From The New York Daily News


Thursday, March 22nd 2007, 9:02 AM

When Bizu Riki Mullu was a girl, the people of her village of Mauri, in northern Ethiopia, would come out in January and sing to the storks crossing the sky. “The villagers knew the birds came...

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The Rabbi Guides the Rehab

March 12, 2004

From The Wall Street Journal


Friday, March 12, 2004


Faith helps recovery–and gets in the way of some funding.

LOS ANGELES–It’s Friday night, and Rabbi Mark Borovitz is ministering to his flock. A fatherly man with a bushy...

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Rush Hashana

September 13, 1999

From New York Magazine


It’s that time of the year again, when the wail of the shofar is about to rise, signaling the start of the Jewish New Year and putting you, if you’re a good but fair-weather Jew who doesn’t belong to a synagogue, into a panic...

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