Escaped Slave Calls On President Obama to Speak Out, Halt Violence in South Sudan

May 22, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Sudanese-American human rights activist Simon Deng is entering day seven of his hunger strike to petition President Obama to act in order to “save the lives of untold multitudes of Africans and their country … South Sudan,” according to an...

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Sudanese-American hero to hunger strike

May 15, 2015

by Heather Robinson

Simon Deng, an escaped slave and human rights activist, has announced the start of a hunger strike to prompt President Obama to show leadership in bringing an end to violence in South Sudan.

“Starting on May 15, I will be starving...

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Update: South Sudanese families released from detention in Israel; 100 set to fly to Juba Wednesday

August 7, 2012


Tomorrow (Wednesday August 8), many of the approximately 120 South Sudanese Christians who have registered with Israel’s government for deportation will fly to South Sudan.

This is the “last organized flight” planned...

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