President Obama’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons + Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Return = Carter Administration Redux

April 9, 2010

During the run-up to the 2008 election, one of the most disturbing and ominous indicators for those of us who care about Israel’s security was a statement made by an advisor to President Obama’s campaign named Zbigniew...

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Biden’s Embarrassment and Hillary’s Rage: Part of a Staged Effort to Push Israel Away?

March 18, 2010

Is it just me, or does anyone else think last week’s drama surrounding Vice President Joe Biden’s supposed “embarrassment” and Hillary Clinton’s rage over an Israeli decision to build 1600 apartments in East...

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O’Reilly Raises an Interesting Point Re: “Socialist” Obama

February 23, 2010


Tonight on the Factor, Bill O’Reilly put forward an interesting, sobering argument regarding the classification of President Obama as a socialist by some conservatives.

“When you have a country starting to...

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Good Morning, Mr. President, Would You Like Some Security With Your Coffee?

January 7, 2010


Looks like President Obama is waking up to some harsh realities.

Earlier this week the President announced he would not be sending any Guantanamo Bay detainees home to Yemen, an impoverished Arab country that has emerged as a hotbed of...

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Ahmadinejad Mocks President Obama as Iran Steps up Aggression

December 24, 2009

During the Bush years, some thought the main obstacle to successfully negotiating with Iran was President Bush. In fact, Bush was condemned by some for his unwillingness to engage Iranian leaders.

Fastforward a year. President Obama...

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Iraqi Parliamentarian Warns, Obama’s Vision to Become ‘A Joke and a Tragedy’ if Iran Gets the Bomb

December 17, 2009


Distressing news out of Iran yesterday as that nation’s theocratic leaders continue to defy the international community by testing a long-range missile that could reach Europe or Israel.

In a number of interviews I have...

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Iranian Democracy Protestors Await Obama’s Action

December 13, 2009


In this week’s Wall Street Journal, columnist Amir Taheri reports that Iran’s pro-democracy movement is “deepening and growing.”

On Monday, thousands of Iranian students risked their lives and safety to protest the...

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President Obama’s Back to the Future Surge Strategy

December 6, 2009

President Obama’s recently announced plans for a troop surge of 30,000 service members to Afghanistan echoes former President Bush’s 2006 troop surge to Iraq.

Bush decided on a surge at a time when he faced great public outcry, was...

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Republicans Take Two Governor’s Races in What Seems a Reaction to Too Much Change

November 4, 2009

With Republican victories tonight in the two Gubernatorial elections that took place earlier this first Tuesday in November, pundits have been speculating that Virginia and New Jersey voters are handing down a referendum on Barack...

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Let President Obama’s Honor Remind Us Appeasement Will Not Produce Peace

October 9, 2009

Today President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Good for him; it is nice to see our President honored.

But now more than ever, the always noble effort to attempt nonviolent solutions should not be confused with appeasement, or the...

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