Christie at UANI: Predicts Trump Will Scrap Iran Deal; Lieberman: Iran Deal is Dangerous

September 20, 2017

by Heather Robinson

As President Trump on Tuesday at the United Nations threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if the rogue regime attacks the U.S or its allies, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, addressing attendees of the United Against Nuclear...

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What Euna and Laura Faced in North Korea

August 19, 2009

From MomLogic



Watching journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee return from North Korea escorted by former President Bill Clinton, no one with a heart could fail to be delighted — and relieved. Mothers across the country were especially moved to see Lee...

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Don’t Let Return of Euna Lee and Laura Ling Put Pretty Face on an Ugly Regime

August 19, 2009

Today features my article, co-written with Jennifer Ginsberg, about the evil of Kim Jong-il’s widespread human rights abuses in North Korea. While Americans are justifiably thrilled that Euna Lee and Laura Ling have...

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