Newt spoke some truth – and blindsided the rest

December 12, 2011


One additional thought about Newt Gingrich’s citing, during the Republican candidates’ debate Saturday, facts regarding Palestinians’ historical identity and U.S. funding of hate education in the Palestinian territories. It...

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One man with courage is a majority

December 11, 2011

Saturday evening Newt Gingrich spoke some truth about the middle east that very few people–even including Jews–have had the courage to say or write in recent decades.


He may have done so imperfectly, using words that...

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Romney at the RJC proposes Rudy Giuliani as potential attorney general; Gingrich floats strange idea about kids cleaning schools

December 8, 2011


Today I was fortunate to attend the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates’ forum in Washington D.C. and to meet several of the candidates, including Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum. More to come,...

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If conservatism = common sense, the Repubs will pick Romney

September 22, 2011


Republicans will debate tonight, 9pm, EST, with Fox News’ Bret Baier to moderate with input from Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly.

Apparently FOX News and Google have partnered for the debate so that viewers can weigh in by...

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Was Turner’s victory a referendum on Obama’s Israel policies?

September 19, 2011

From Jewish World Review


Tuesday marked the first Republican victory in nearly one hundred years in New York’s 9th congressional district, a Jewish and Italian stronghold. Republican Robert Turner’s victory in winning the seat encompassing...

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Is Turner’s victory a referedum on Obama’s Israel policy?

September 16, 2011


Tuesday marked the first Republican victory in nearly one hundred years in New York’s 9th congressional district, a Jewish and Italian stronghold. Republican Robert Turner (pictured above), won the seat encompassing parts of...

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Thoughts on a 9-11 anniversary interview with Rudy Giuliani

September 10, 2011


This morning I read Steve Forbes’ interview of Rudy Giuliani, who recalled his experiences and reactions on September 11. It is lengthy, but very worth reading. You can read it here.

For those not familiar with his actions that...

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Iraqi human rights champion to Obama: stop Iran before it’s too late

August 17, 2011


Mithal al-Alusi, human rights leader and former Iraqi Parliamentarian, contacted me last weekend to convey his thoughts about the dire situation for proponents of human rights and liberal values in Iraq. He also urged President...

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A thing of beauty

July 22, 2011


I’m off to Israel for a week as part of  JNFuture’s first Jewish Leadership Institute mission. While I can’t wait to meet with members of the Knesset, enjoy the beach in Tel Aviv, and pray at the wall Friday night...

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A New Middle East?

February 12, 2011


A wise man once told me, “People get the government they deserve.” At the time, I thought this assessment was overly harsh.  After all, what can unarmed civilians do when they are under the control of a dictator? I still believe...

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