Case highlights value of free speech, and its down side

July 13, 2011

From The Jewish Standard


In the wake of Tuesday’s verdict acquitting Florida mother Casey Anthony of murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008, Cheney Mason, one of Anthony’s attorneys, criticized TV pundits for excessive coverage of...

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George Clooney Launches Satellite Project to Protect People as Sudan Heads into January 9th Referendum

December 31, 2010


Actor George Clooney has been making himself useful lately.

All too often, celebrities sound off about issues they know little about, and impressionable people are inclined to ascribe to them greater understanding than they usually...

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Marcus Hellwig and Jens Koch Identified as German Journalists Held by Tehran

December 28, 2010


On Tuesday The New York Times printed the names of Marcus Alfred Rudolf Hellwig, a reporter, and Jens Andreas Koch, a photographer. They have been detained in Iran since October, when they traveled there to cover the story of a woman...

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Sudan’s President Warns Against Secession

December 20, 2010

Ominous indicators out of Khartoum today as the country’s president, an indicted war criminal, warned that should Southerners vote for secession in January 9th’s long-awaited referendum, those Southerners...

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Sakineh Ashtiani, German Journalists Possibly Free Tonight

December 9, 2010


Just received notice from the International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS), a human rights organization that has spearheaded the international campaign to free a 43-year-old mother of two sentenced to death in Iran for adultery, that...

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