Long Live Democracy and the Courage of Ordinary Iraqis

February 3, 2009


Saturday’s provincial elections in Iraq were a great triumph for democracy worldwide and especially for the Iraqi people. William Shawcross in The Guardian has written an excellent column on the subject.

For the first time in...

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An Iraqi Hero

September 16, 2008


In today’s American Spectator online, I have a piece about the Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi, whose sons were murdered in February 2005 following his visit to Israel to attend a counterterrorism conference there. Over the...

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Iraq’s Maverick

September 16, 2008

From The American Spectator



Last month, Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi contacted me by phone from Baghdad with an urgent warning that Iran could be a lot closer to attaining nuclear weapons than most analysts believe.

“Do they have an atom bomb? Not...

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Iraqis Stand Up to al Qaeda

June 10, 2008

Check out this terrific story about an Iraqi sheikh who helped U.S. forces expel al Qaeda from Anbar province. Apparently he is now providing the U.S. with information about Afghan tribes, presumably including those along the...

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The Times They are a-Changin’

March 4, 2008

In today’s New York Times Sabrina Tavernise reports that young people in Iraq have begun to turn against extremist Islam.

“The religion men are liars. Young people don’t believe them. Guys my age are not interested in religion...

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At Least Angelina Bothered to Talk With the Troops

March 3, 2008

I’ve received a couple of comments to my last post about Angelina Jolie to the effect that celebrities are generally full of it and I should be skeptical of anything they come up with. Fair enough, but at least Ms. Jolie spoke with the...

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Angelina Gets It

March 1, 2008

On Thursday, actress Angelina Jolie published an opinion piece in The Washington Post arguing that U.S. troops should be allowed to stay in Iraq and provide the security necessary for the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) to...

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Timing for Maximum Impact: Insurgents Make Sure to Hit When Cameras Roll

December 19, 2007

From The Los Angeles Daily News


October 30, 2005

What better way for terrorist insurgents in Iraq to make headlines in the U.S. during a heavy news cycle than to attack journalists?

Monday’s three-stage attack on a hotel compound housing Western media in Baghdad was the latest...

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McCain in Manhattan This Morning: Defeatism Will Not Buy Peace in Our Time

September 27, 2007

Just returned from a Hudson Institute briefing at The Four Seasons restaurant this morning given by John McCain. He seems a little tired, and who can blame him? The man is 71, has survived torture at the hands of the Viet Cong and, worse...

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The Truth About Iraq: We Say Karate, Iran Says Crowbar

September 5, 2007

Over a year and a half ago, Mithal al-Alusi, a courageous Iraqi politician about whom I have written for The Wall Street Journal, who has lost more than his life in the struggle to build a democratic Iraq, told me that Iran had...

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