February 2012

Ray Kelly attends CSP award lunch today, receives praise for controversial intelligence gathering

February 28, 2012

Today the Center for Security Policy held its Mightier Pen Award in midtown Manhattan and yours truly was in attendance. Will write more soon, but for now: one highlight was the appearance of NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who has been...

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Trial of pro-democracy workers set to begin tomorrow in Egypt

February 25, 2012


Tomorrow the trial of 43 civil society workers–including 16 Americans–is set to begin in Egypt.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “[t]he 43 employees will be tried on charges of illegally operating ...

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Egyptian dissident Cynthia Farahat: America, be the strong horse

February 15, 2012


Today Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood announced it backs the country’s military government in its fight against the work of pro-democracy groups there.

Presumably the Brotherhood also supports the dictatorship’s detention and planned...

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Mithal al Alusi survives assassination attempt last night in Iraq

February 14, 2012

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February 14–Human rights advocate and former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi contacted me by...

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Israel Can’t Rely on President Obama for Support in Iran Strike

February 8, 2012

From Algemeiner



By some accounts, most American Jews are planning to vote for President Barack Obama in 2012.  At the same time, Democrats are mounting a massive public relations effort to shore up Jewish support in advance of the election.

At town meetings,...

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Americans’ support for Israel is grassroots

February 6, 2012

Just came across this excellent piece, written about a month and a half ago by Elliot Abrams.

How disturbing, and how illogical, are recent words by none other than eminent mideast affairs columnist Thomas Friedman discrediting AIPAC and the...

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Congrats, Mitt, on another job well done

February 3, 2012


Congrats to Mitt Romney, whose victory in Florida’s primary was hard earned. To me, it seems pretty clear that, for Republicans, Romney is the sensible choice. The man has been successful at virtually everything he has ever touched,...

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