Thoughts with family of Moaz al-Kasasbeh

by Heather Robinson


Tonight my thoughts are with the family of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a 26-year-old man who was burned alive today by a bunch of lowlife terrorists. G-d bless the soul of this brave young man who fearlessly pursued his dream to fly and to serve his country.

Very important to keep in mind the big picture, too: that clearly, Muslim extremists in the Mideast are threatened by the existence of even comparative moderates, including Jordan’s King Abdullah II, whose efforts in recent years on water cooperation and to promote economic reforms have improved his people’s standard of living. Perhaps because this particular monarch seems to place the well-being of his people above fanaticism and brain-dead ideology, one of Jordan’s best and brightest was targeted.

I hope this act of absurd barbarism illustrates to anyone with a brain in the Mideast and around the world that Islamist extremism is a dead end.

Jordan signed a historic peace treaty with Israel in October 1994, making it the second Middle Eastern country (after Egypt) to normalize relations with the Jewish State.

A couple more thoughts: King Abdullah II seems willing to fight radical Islam in the only way terrorists can understand: by hanging terrorists. Let everyone take note: while the United States babysits terrorists at Guantanamo and is criticized for supposed lack of humanity for giving them this privilege (and President Obama has released terrorists back to the battlefield in response to this absolutely absurd criticism) and while Israel trades hundreds of bloodthirsty terrorists for yes, at times live prisoners, but at times dead bodies (a travesty), King Abdullah II demanded proof of life.

That was the right move, because the only worse outcome than what has happened would be if al-Kasasbeh’s murder was accompanied by the release of this terrorist lowlife.

Time for the West to get smart.






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