Update on the Flotilla Circus, it Seems Some Were al Qaeda

Surprise surprise, now that Israel has screened the supplies the flotilla people were supposedly trying to bring into Gaza, Hamas won’t let them in with the supplies. Touching, isn’t it, these Palestinian “leaders'” concern for their people? As the American Spectator’s Philip Klein notes, this is more evidence (as if any were needed) that the entire thing was a pr stunt to make Israel look bad. And most of the world has lapped it up like warm milk.

From the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this statement was recently released:

“In a special meeting of the Israeli Security Cabinet on Tuesday (June 1), it was disclosed that approximately 40 people on the upper deck of the ship with no identification wearing bullet proof vests and using weapons against the IDF soldiers are considered to be mercenaries of the al-Qaeda terror organization. During this special meeting it became clear that while the civillian protestors were sent to the lower deck of the ship, this group of mercenaries split into organized cells in order to combat the IDF soldiers. The cabinet places full responsibility for the incident on those who started the violence which clearly placed the soldiers’ lives in danger.”

It would seem the Israel-haters have employed their favorite trick: ensconcing hard-core terrorists among civilians. This tactic is a classic, and is generally the way Israel’s enemies fight.

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