It May be One World Trade to E.U., But To U.S., it Will Be The Freedom Tower


New York’s former Governor George Pataki has a good opinion piece in today’s New York Post about the Port Authority’s decision to abandon the name ‘Freedom Tower’ and refer to the central building on the site of the former World Trade Center as 1 World Trade Center.

I agree with our former governor that New York City should not be selling out our principles for money. On the other hand, it may be the Port Authority made this decision to err on the side of caution with regard to security (just as the architects made the sensible decision to make the building less gargantuan than our beloved Twin Towers. Terrorist threats notwithstanding, such massive buildings are questionable from a security standpoint with regard to fires, natural disasters, etc. Massive size is not everything and in fact can be a tremendous drawback. The Freedom Tower looks to be plenty grand and beautiful).

With regard to its name, just as The World Trade Center was commonly referred to as the Twin Towers, we New Yorkers and all Americans are free to call One World Trade The Freedom Tower. Most beloved things have nicknames that wind up used more commonly than proper names, anyhow.

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