A Man of Common Sense?

Interesting piece in today’s Los Angeles Times about Barack Obama’s more-moderate-than-expected moves (or lack thereof) in such areas as stem cell research, detainee policy, and faith-based initiative policy. His caution and prudence so far in dealing with these extremely complex issues is a good thing, in the eyes of this commentator. Faith-based initiatives, for instance, while demonized by many a leftist, have been remarkably effective in treating extremely difficult problems like severe drug addiction (and what is truly liberal about denying someone the opportunity to beat an addiction if that person chooses to do so via a faith-based program – which is likely to be far more effective than a secular one?)

To echo a theme I discussed immediately following his election, it suggests to me our new President may have more common sense than some on the Right have given him credit for – and far more common sense (let us hope!) than members of the loony Left who helped put him in office.

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