Fox News’s Sean Hannity Mentions JWR’s Reward Offer! Mac Finally Takes His Own Advice!

Kudos to the brilliant and intrepid Binyamin Jolkovsky, editor of and (two sites to which I proudly contribute) for offering a reward to whoever can produce a legitimate copy of the videotape the Los Angeles Times drew on for its story about Barack Obama feting former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi

Tonight (Wednesday) on Fox News’s “Hannity and Colmes,” Sean Hannity mentioned Jolkovsky’s reward offer. What Hannity had not yet learned is that apparently, this reward offer has sparked a bidding war.

The L.A. Times’ story was published more than six months ago, so this information re: Obama’s close friendship with Khalidi has been out there for quite some time, and thanks to much diligent investigation and blogging by The American Spectator’s Philip Klein, it was not news to me or to many who have followed the election closely in conservative print media. But the scant circulation it has received in mainstream media before now is typical of the media’s willful ignoring of unflattering truths about Obama.

It seems that now, at the final hour, McCain campaign forced the issue by calling on the Los Angeles Times to release the tape of the event. As far as I can determine, the McCain campaign is trying to beat the media at its own game by creating a situation in which they are forced to report on the controversy, thereby bringing to more Americans’ awareness something the media would rather have buried. Clever!

Good to see John McCain doing that which he has been urging his supporters at rallies: “Fight! Fight! Stand Up and Fight!”

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