October 2010

Ex-Iraqi MP urges U.S. to Form Moderate Arab-Israeli Alliance

October 27, 2010

From The Jerusalem Post



Partnership based on economic interest could give US greater leverage against Iran, says Mithal al-Alusi, whose sons were murdered after he came to Israel in ’04.

Oil and water don’t usually mix. But one native son of the Middle East has...

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Clooney to Obama: Stop a Genocide Before it is Too Late

October 25, 2010


Earlier this month actor George Clooney met with President Obama at the White House to urge him to prevent bloodshed in Sudan in advance of the controversial referendum planned for January 9 in which the mostly Christian South is predicted to...

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A Waterway Alliance to Protect the Strait of Hormuz is President Obama’s Key to Mideast Peace

October 21, 2010

From The Washington Examiner



Oil and water don’t usually mix, but a native son of the Middle East has a suggestion for President Obama on how to combine these elements to promote peace in the region.

Mithal al-Alusi, a former Iraqi Parliamentarian, believes a key to...

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Alusi: Normal Muslims Say, “Why are You Leaving Us in the Hands of the Iranians?”

October 20, 2010


Interesting piece in today’s New York Post about how Sunni sheiks and others in Iraq and Afghanistan are switching sides for fear that the U.S. will abandon them as President Obama draws down troops.

This state of affairs echoes what...

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Maureen’s Hypocrisy-Fest

October 18, 2010


Just have to write a word or two about the hypocrisy of Maureen Dowd’s column today.

Generally I avoid writing posts that critique other journalists and columnists. We have enough malcontents disparaging us already–cranks of the...

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The Original Darfur

October 7, 2010


Escaped slave and human rights champion Simon Deng arrived in Washington D.C. today, leading a group of several dozen determined activists who walked with him 300 miles from the United Nations in New York to the Capitol building to raise...

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